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Portable camera for police officers to elimate onging fights with suspects

On November 7th, 2011 NPR announced that police officers in misconducted cities are asked to wear a small-portable camera to monitor both suspects and police officers behavior. According to Seattle’s police department a series of amateur videos captured police officers beating and assaulting suspects. The police believe one of the problems are that people show bias clips of incidents rather than the entire incidents. Therefore, police departments believe that portable cameras will eliminate unnecessary fights, show unbiased opinion of incidents and monitor both police and suspects behavior.

Seattle Police Officer Guild O’Neill says, “people should think hard about what it will mean to have police officers show up at the front door with a camera rolling” O’Neill continue discussing that matter. However, he points out that before police departments adopt wearable cameras, there will be ground rules. They’re required to document every occurrence with the public, and they can’t stop recording until the conversation is completely over. Furthermore, police officers believe they should have the right to view each tape of each incident. In my opinion, this could defeat the purpose?

If police officers have the right to view each tape of each incident does that mean that they could potentially edit certain parts of the video? This idea does seem to solve many problems, but it can create a lot of problems as well. Also, each camera will cost $900 per officer. This technological advancement is a good start to stop uncorrupted acts with suspects and police officers.

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Amber Cole: Social Media damging our youth’s reputation

In this digital age, Facebook, Twitter, Global Grind and other social media’s are way too often becoming an outlet for youth to humiliate each other.  Late last everyone were discussing the implications of Amber Cole’s video.  Of course, a lot of males did find a problem with the video, many women did. Amber Cole is a 14 year old high school student who was purposely recorded giving her ex-boyfriend oral sex outside of their school. Not only was she recorded, the ex-boyfriend’s friends were sitting there watching! This may sound bad enough, but the worst part of this incident is that the young girl supposedly participated in this act because she was trying to prove a point! Recording a sexual activity and posting it online is no way to prove a point, to anyone, not even a boy.

It is one thing to be caught giving oral sex outside, but it is something totally different when a young girl is purposely exploiting herself. Young people do not seem to understand the consequences of posting humiliating videos, status, and blogs online for the entire world to see. The video may or may not be online forever, but the blogs and comments will most certainly be there. People, especially young people fail to realize that technology is a powerful addition to the world. Now Amber Cole must live with one of the consequences digital technology brings.

It is important, to be mindful of the things that we say, and post online because digital technology has the affect to live forever!


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pressing concerns about Iphone 4s

On October 14, 2011 the new IPhone 4s was released. Kai Jackson from Baltimore (WJZ) reports the release of the new iPhone 4s was the latest hyped and people waited in lines to get one in Chicago; people even camped out overnight. This is what everyone expected; whenever a new apple product is released people go to the extreme, of sleeping outside so that they can be the first to get the product. However, people are concerned about the future technology. People are concerned that technology is becoming to high tech. These concerns does not affect Apple customers. In fact many apple customers thinks that the new IPhone 4s is a great invention while some people think other wise!

Recently, I ran across an article stating that the Iphone applications are breaking up marriages and ruining relationships. The reasoning for this is because there is an IPhone application called ‘The Block list’ this and it allows people to block who every they want and whenever they want. They are able to see the missed calls and text messages, and they are able to unblock that person whenever they want. In fact, my brother was telling me a story of how he does not want his girlfriend to know that he talks to other girls. Therefore, he blocks his female friends whenever his girlfriend is around. He showed me how to use the application. This is just the beginning of what an Iphone can do.

My roommate, said she does not text anymore, i thought she was joking until she showed a Iphone application that can text for her. She tells the application program what to say and who to send it to. She does not have to do much work.  In my opinion, iphones and other Apple products are becoming to advanced, but i can complain because i am person who values technology. However, i worry about technology taking over the small things people can actually do on their own.

People are almost able to have a secret life on IPhones. High tech technology is able to have a certain amount of control over a person’s life.  I personally believe that people will soon or later have to rely on technology to survive.  In some cases, people cannot live without their phone, computer or iPod. At times I go crazy if I am not able to use my phone, this is a sign that technology will, if it is not now, too high tech. apple-releases-iphone-4s-amidst-concerns-about-its-future

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9/11 Mythmaking

For many people September, 11 2011 is a celebration of remembrance for those who have lost their lives in the “terrorist attack” in the World Trade Center, located in New York City.  On this particular day, people shared their stories and expressed their feelings about “what exactly happened”. The social effects and implications of myth-making surrounding the 9/11 is a mixture of people opinion, personal experiences and even some factual information. Myth-making will happen because people want their stories to be heard even when they are unsympathetic about the issue.   Even though people express their personal opinions about 9/11  the actual story is not often heard because people care more about their story being heard rather than understanding the truth.

For example, on the day of 9/11 all of my friends were sharing their stories, where they were, and how they felt. We never discussed what actually happened. My friend Blien said she was seven years old when she moved here to the U.S from Ethiopia. She thought the 9/11 was a celebrating in our culture because 9/11 is Ethiopia New Years.  However, i did visited AOL to see how 9/11 was celebrated.  Again, the entire aol website was full of people reactions and opinions. I thought i would be able to read something informative rather than a lot of opinions.

Moving forward i believe people are quick to judge and react rather than taking the time out to learn about a the event. Yes, people opinion does count, but it does not keep the younger generation informed about the actual event in it. All they know is how people felt about the event. The social effects and implications of myth-making surrounding 9/11 is full of people opinion.  Personally, i would have appreciated more informative information, because it is pretty clear that everyone in the world has an opinion about 9/11. Throughout the internet, television, word of mouth, Facebook, and twitter will be the first source to release a story regardless if its accurate or not. Once people read similar stories they tend to believe stories that are on the internet. There is no doubt if you asked ten people what happened on 9/11 they will all have a different story based off other people opinion.

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How woman use social media

There is no doubt that social media is becoming today’s venting outlet. More or less woman today are using Twitter, Facebook, Myspace, and other social websites to release anger, happiness, and concerns. Originally, social websites were created to exchange pictures and keep in touch with friends and family. Mostly woman, are updating their Twitter, Facebook, and Myspace statuses more often than before.

I did investigation on my Facebook news feed. I will not assume that every woman is using social media as a form of venting, but i also hear my males friends complain that their females friends, and girlfriends are using these outlet to much. I found that most of my friends who are females use their Facebook to talk about how guys are worthless, unbelievably cheap, and expect handouts from hard working woman.  Not that this is a problem, but some statuses are to the extreme of discussing their sexual experiences with guys and girls.

Again, woman are using these sites as a form of expressing their personal business rather than keeping their stories to themselves or venting them to a close friend. Maybe Facebook, Twitter and Myspace is most woman new venting best friend!

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