Portable camera for police officers to elimate onging fights with suspects

November 8, 2011 hermonate

On November 7th, 2011 NPR announced that police officers in misconducted cities are asked to wear a small-portable camera to monitor both suspects and police officers behavior. According to Seattle’s police department a series of amateur videos captured police officers beating and assaulting suspects. The police believe one of the problems are that people show bias clips of incidents rather than the entire incidents. Therefore, police departments believe that portable cameras will eliminate unnecessary fights, show unbiased opinion of incidents and monitor both police and suspects behavior.

Seattle Police Officer Guild O’Neill says, “people should think hard about what it will mean to have police officers show up at the front door with a camera rolling” O’Neill continue discussing that matter. However, he points out that before police departments adopt wearable cameras, there will be ground rules. They’re required to document every occurrence with the public, and they can’t stop recording until the conversation is completely over. Furthermore, police officers believe they should have the right to view each tape of each incident. In my opinion, this could defeat the purpose?

If police officers have the right to view each tape of each incident does that mean that they could potentially edit certain parts of the video? This idea does seem to solve many problems, but it can create a lot of problems as well. Also, each camera will cost $900 per officer. This technological advancement is a good start to stop uncorrupted acts with suspects and police officers.

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