Amber Cole: Social Media damging our youth’s reputation

October 20, 2011 hermonate

In this digital age, Facebook, Twitter, Global Grind and other social media’s are way too often becoming an outlet for youth to humiliate each other.  Late last everyone were discussing the implications of Amber Cole’s video.  Of course, a lot of males did find a problem with the video, many women did. Amber Cole is a 14 year old high school student who was purposely recorded giving her ex-boyfriend oral sex outside of their school. Not only was she recorded, the ex-boyfriend’s friends were sitting there watching! This may sound bad enough, but the worst part of this incident is that the young girl supposedly participated in this act because she was trying to prove a point! Recording a sexual activity and posting it online is no way to prove a point, to anyone, not even a boy.

It is one thing to be caught giving oral sex outside, but it is something totally different when a young girl is purposely exploiting herself. Young people do not seem to understand the consequences of posting humiliating videos, status, and blogs online for the entire world to see. The video may or may not be online forever, but the blogs and comments will most certainly be there. People, especially young people fail to realize that technology is a powerful addition to the world. Now Amber Cole must live with one of the consequences digital technology brings.

It is important, to be mindful of the things that we say, and post online because digital technology has the affect to live forever!



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