pressing concerns about Iphone 4s

October 18, 2011 hermonate

On October 14, 2011 the new IPhone 4s was released. Kai Jackson from Baltimore (WJZ) reports the release of the new iPhone 4s was the latest hyped and people waited in lines to get one in Chicago; people even camped out overnight. This is what everyone expected; whenever a new apple product is released people go to the extreme, of sleeping outside so that they can be the first to get the product. However, people are concerned about the future technology. People are concerned that technology is becoming to high tech. These concerns does not affect Apple customers. In fact many apple customers thinks that the new IPhone 4s is a great invention while some people think other wise!

Recently, I ran across an article stating that the Iphone applications are breaking up marriages and ruining relationships. The reasoning for this is because there is an IPhone application called ‘The Block list’ this and it allows people to block who every they want and whenever they want. They are able to see the missed calls and text messages, and they are able to unblock that person whenever they want. In fact, my brother was telling me a story of how he does not want his girlfriend to know that he talks to other girls. Therefore, he blocks his female friends whenever his girlfriend is around. He showed me how to use the application. This is just the beginning of what an Iphone can do.

My roommate, said she does not text anymore, i thought she was joking until she showed a Iphone application that can text for her. She tells the application program what to say and who to send it to. She does not have to do much work.  In my opinion, iphones and other Apple products are becoming to advanced, but i can complain because i am person who values technology. However, i worry about technology taking over the small things people can actually do on their own.

People are almost able to have a secret life on IPhones. High tech technology is able to have a certain amount of control over a person’s life.  I personally believe that people will soon or later have to rely on technology to survive.  In some cases, people cannot live without their phone, computer or iPod. At times I go crazy if I am not able to use my phone, this is a sign that technology will, if it is not now, too high tech. apple-releases-iphone-4s-amidst-concerns-about-its-future


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