9/11 Mythmaking

September 14, 2011 hermonate

For many people September, 11 2011 is a celebration of remembrance for those who have lost their lives in the “terrorist attack” in the World Trade Center, located in New York City.  On this particular day, people shared their stories and expressed their feelings about “what exactly happened”. The social effects and implications of myth-making surrounding the 9/11 is a mixture of people opinion, personal experiences and even some factual information. Myth-making will happen because people want their stories to be heard even when they are unsympathetic about the issue.   Even though people express their personal opinions about 9/11  the actual story is not often heard because people care more about their story being heard rather than understanding the truth.

For example, on the day of 9/11 all of my friends were sharing their stories, where they were, and how they felt. We never discussed what actually happened. My friend Blien said she was seven years old when she moved here to the U.S from Ethiopia. She thought the 9/11 was a celebrating in our culture because 9/11 is Ethiopia New Years.  However, i did visited AOL to see how 9/11 was celebrated.  Again, the entire aol website was full of people reactions and opinions. I thought i would be able to read something informative rather than a lot of opinions.

Moving forward i believe people are quick to judge and react rather than taking the time out to learn about a the event. Yes, people opinion does count, but it does not keep the younger generation informed about the actual event in it. All they know is how people felt about the event. The social effects and implications of myth-making surrounding 9/11 is full of people opinion.  Personally, i would have appreciated more informative information, because it is pretty clear that everyone in the world has an opinion about 9/11. Throughout the internet, television, word of mouth, Facebook, and twitter will be the first source to release a story regardless if its accurate or not. Once people read similar stories they tend to believe stories that are on the internet. There is no doubt if you asked ten people what happened on 9/11 they will all have a different story based off other people opinion.


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